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Recovering America’s Wildlife Act to be Reintroduced this Spring – HB5650, a piece of legislature introduced to direct money’s directly to benefit parks and wildlife died at the end of the year. It was not actually intended to be voted on, but instead to get the ball rolling for the new legislative term.   A follow up bill is to be introduced early in 2017.

Flocking and Foraging – Very interesting reading about assorted species of birds flocking together when feeding in the winter.

Can Grasslands, The Ecosystem Underdog, Play an Underground Role in Climate Solutions – Grasslands are not only beautiful to look at, but also important, ecologically.

NRCS, USFWS Partner to Accelerate Conservation on Agricultural Lands for the Monarch ButterflyThe monarch butterfly joins an array of wildlife species across the country already part of WLFW, including the greater sage-grouse and New England cottontail, two recent successes in species conservation.

Monarch Nectar Guides – New plant guides that are evidence-based on #Monarch specific nectar plants have been released. These guides were developed by The The Xerces Society in partnership with Monarch Joint Venture and National Wildlife Federation and are geared toward gardeners and landscape designers but will also be useful for land managers who are implementing large-scale monarch restoration

How to Speak Fluent Prairie – Selena discovered this blog post in her Facebook feed. It came to her via the TexasPollinator PowWow. Very interesting reading.

Horned Lizards Reintroduced in Parker County – Via The SnK Twitter feed, this great Native Plant Society of Texas newsletter article shares the reintroduction of horned lizards in Parker County, Texas.

Restoring oyster reefs can restore the delicate balance of nature in the Gulf of Mexico – Very interesting article on Oysters and The Nature Conservancy’s involvement in reef restoration. From The Nature Conservancy, via the SnK Twitter feed.

Humans Just Killed Off These 12 Animals, And You Didn’t Even Notice – This is a sad article from the Huntington Post that Selena discovered on Facebook and posted to the SnK Facebook page. Humans really need to start respecting the planet and it’s wildlife.