Making Progress on this Web Site: The Organizations Page is Up.

Wow!  I’m so impressed with WordPress.  I’m using a hosted version on my web site, but decided to do The SnK’s page on the WordPress hosted version and it’s great!

I’ve just finished adding 4 organizations to that page, Bat Conservation International, Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation, The Texas Bluebird Society, and The Texas Pollinators Powwow.  We’re not going to stop there, though, as there are many others out there, ones we are familiar with, and others that we’re not.

So, if you would, check out the page ever so often, and if you don’t see an organization on it that should be, shoot us a note. We want to include all helpful groups.

We’ll be adding more pages as we go along.  I’m already looking at a Conservation Star page, featuring folks that are doing great to help with conservation.  As for the Organizations page, if you know of a Conservation Star that deserves to be noted, please let us know.

Well, that’s it for this evening.  I need to get outside for a while.  Hope y’all are getting to enjoy some nature.  I know we are.


Keith, the K in The SnK