Making Plans, For When It’s Not So Wet At The SnK

Old Pond
“Dead Pond” that we reworked in January, 2015. Filled by March rains.

Howdy everybody!

We had a little over 5 inches of rain this weekend.,  Very welcome, as the place had dried out, and all the rain fed water holes had dried up, with the exception of the pond that we reworked this Spring.  It had gotten low, but it’s pretty full again.

Since there’s no consistent water on the “Back” 200 acres, Selena and I are going to put up a “Guzzler.”  You can see Plateau‘s (Land and Wildlife Management Entity) version, by clicking HERE.  We’re going to build ours, similar to Plateau’s design.

I picked the storage tank (305 gallons) up this weekend, and we’re picking up the other materials tomorrow.  It’s going to be an interesting project, which we believe will benefit the birds and small “Ground Bounds.”  We’re not so worried about the larger “Ground Bounds,” as they can travel, easier, to get to water.

We’re going to take pics, as we build it, erect it, and once it’s up.  I’ll post these once we’re done.  That’s the biggie here, not much else in the works, other than Selena moving all kinds of plants into the two green houses.

Well, probably time to call it a morning, and get outside.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK