Such a Beautiful Place to Be

I’m usually the one who does the writing, but I saw my wife’s post on our Facebook page and had to share it.

“Woke up about 6:30 am and the rain started shortly after, there’s nothing like the sound of rain on a metal roof. Only a little over a quarter of an inch but I’ll take any we can get.

The robins were out in full force enjoying the puddles and the sound was awesome. Took a walk through the outback after it let up, noticed the wesatche and agarita are beginning to bloom so the worst part of winter is over for us down here in south Texas. A few bluets, paint brushes and phlox are in bloom too.

Saw lots of deer, a possum, turkey, green jays, mockingbirds, brown thrasher, white eyed vireo, cardinals, titmouse, wrens, doves, native sparrows, eastern phoebe, gold finches, golden fronted woodpeckers, red tail hawks, and black vultures.

Such a beautiful peaceful place to be, here at the SnK Wildlife Reserve!”

Selena Schindler, the S in The SnK