Chillin’ At The SnK


We’ve been enjoying some cooler temps and rain the past few days. In fact, we came home from a weekend trip to find 2 inches in the rain gauge. Whoot Whoot! Two inches!

It’s actually raining lightly as I type this, starting around 11 am and has been off and on since then.

This morning, while we were sitting on the back porch enjoying or morning coffee, the temps were unseasonably cooler, so it was very enjoyable to “chill” before starting the day. We weren’t alone, as Selena noticed a scaly lizard hanging out in one of the bushes.

Mr. Lizard was kind enough to hang around long enough for me to run in, get my camera, and snap a couple of pics. Shame he didn’t smile for me, though.  🙂

I guess he warmed up enough to head off, as he wasn’t in the bush a bit ago.

As far as I’m concerned, it can rain like this for a day or two. After that, I need to get my brush pile burned and more piled up.  The cooler temps can definitely stay!

Until next time, Peace! Keith, the K at The SnK