Proud of Our New Logo on the Cistern

We’re very lucky to have some great friends in our Hunting Crew. Not only are they very conservation minded in their hunting, they also treat us very well.

Each season the feed us very well and we always receive awesome Christmas presents from them.

This year, they blessed us with a CNC cut stainless steel SnK logo that’s now affixed to the cistern at the front gate.

Needless to say, we’re very proud of it.

We’re in between cold spells, with today looking to be pretty nice, with sun and calm winds.

The high looks to be in the low/mid 60’s, so we’re going to be outside after it’s warmed up a bit more.

Deer were moving through the back yard earlier, nibbling the bit of green that’s still around.

Surprisingly, there is still a bit of green.

Well, hope everybody has a Super Sunday!

Until next time, Peace. Keith, the K at The SnK.