Enter a New Year!

New Years

Happy New Year!

I hope that everybody had a Merry Christmas, and enjoyed a nice New Year’s Eve and Day.  We sure did.

It was quiet, here at The SnK, as it was just us, and the old cat.  Well, the hunting crew was here, but we normally don’t hear anything from them.  We did go over and visit a little bit.  One of the grandsons took another doe.  That was two.

It’s been unusually warm, these past few weeks.  We got home from the trip and found that we had 1.5 inches in the rain gauge.  It looked damp when we pulled in.  Today we’re getting more rain.  Not sure how much, but it’s “hosed” a few times, this afternoon and evening.

Looks like we might be getting some cooler temps in the next few days; down into the 50’s.  I’m wondering, just when, the heck, are we going to get Winter temps?  Yeah, I’m sure that we’re gonna get some cold.

I hope so.  We haven’t had a fire, one, this fall and early winter.  I miss sitting in my recliner, in front of the fire, relaxing.  Oh well.  I bet it will come along.

Well, got some Texas Bluebird Society secretary stuff to take care of.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K, in The SnK

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