A Bunch More Wet


For the first time in a long time, the weather prediction was right about the rain.  Over the past couple of days, we’ve gotten 2.5 inches and it’s coming down again.  No brush clearing yesterday and none today, before we head to the Texas Bluebird Society Season Kickoff, in Bastrop, TX.

Oh well, really needing a break.  We’re making great headway, but it’s hard on an old fart’s body.  😀   Things are looking good, though, as we’ve cleared almost the entire front section and can see the whirling windsock from the kitchen window.  Ah, the simple pleasures of life.

Such a beautiful sound, the rain running off the roof, onto the rocks below.  The birds are quite this morning; they must be hiding out.  That’s okay, usually, they’re pretty noisy.

With the rain we’ve gotten I’ll bet the guzzler has filled up a bit more.  Maybe it will let up enough to take the 4-wheeler down to check.  The last account, we had 75 gallons in the 305-gallon tank.  Not bad with the bit of rain we’ve gotten here and there.

The wildflowers are starting to pop up; Indian Paint Brushes, Meadow Pinks, little bitty yellow flowers that I don’t know.  Blue Bonnets are sprouting behind the shop again but have yet to flower.  Yep, that’s now a No Mow Zone.

At this moment, it’s raining and the sun is shining.  Beautiful as the sunlight glistens off the wet everything and highlights the moisture in the air.  What a beautiful morning.

Well, I’m gonna finish my Tree Frog Coffee’s coffee.  Have things to take care of before we head off.  Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK

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