We’re Excited! We’ve Been Invited to Share The SnK at the Pollinator Powwow 2017!!!


Whoot, Whoot!!!

The SnK Wildlife Reserve has been invited to set up a table at the 2017 Pollinator PowWow!

The PowWow is an awesome event that brings folks to together to promote management for pollinators. Selena has attended every one of the events and has recently been promoting HB5650 “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2016”┬ádirect the Department of the Treasury to transfer, beginning in FY2016, revenues from energy and mineral development on federal lands totaling $1.3 billion to the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Subaccount of the Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration Fund, to be available without further appropriation.

Isn’t that awesome! Over a billion dollars appropriated for wildlife conservation and restoration! Wow!

I don’t know about you, but I get giddy thinking of how this can help what we love so much.

I have to applaud my wife, Selena, as she’s really been promoting this bill. Because of her, the Texas Bluebird Society has taken innitiative to promote it, and Selena’s also talked with Carrie McLaughlin, founder of the Pollinator PowWow in regards to promoting the house bill also.

So, what will be our focus at the PowWow? Yep, you probably guessed it, promoting HB5650. We’ll also share the Grassland Restoration and Monarch Enhancement projects, as well as how two “City Folk” moved to the country, went from an Ag Exemption to a Wildlife Exemption and our plans for The SnK.

If you’re interested in wildlife and pollinators, we HIGHLY suggest that you look into HB5650 and the Pollinator PowWow. It’s all good stuff.

If you make it to the PowWow, pop by our table and say hey!