Conservation Heros

As we discover these folks, we’ll be sharing info about folks that we perceive as Conservation Stars, for what they’re doing to help the environment, and wildlife.  Folks don’t have to be doing mega-work to be recognized, just making progress.  Listed in no particular order, other than how they came to mind.

Pauline Tom and Keith Kridler:  Co-founders of the Texas Bluebird Society.  Incorporated in 2001 – Pauline and Keith have been leading Texas Bluebird conservation, for years, helping many folks multiply their efforts.

Georgean and Paul Kyle: Co-founders of the Chimney Swift Conservation Association.  This husband and wife team have been instrumental in Promoting Research and Education about and the Conservation of Chimney Swifts (Chaetura pelagica) since the early ’70’s.

Merlin Tuttle founded Bat Conservation International (BCI) in 1982 “as an act of desperation. It was obvious that without a major improvement in public attitudes, the situation for bats would continue to worsen.”  Click HERE to read more about Merlin Tuttle and how he came to found BCI.

David Bamberger converted 5,500 acres of some of the most badly damaged and overgrazed hill country in Texas into a showpiece of environmental restoration (Bamberger Ranch). Bamberger has been hailed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and has won the state’s top voluntary land stewardship award.

Janet Goings is the owner of Tree Frog Coffees.  Tree Frog Coffees is a micro coffee roaster located in Wharton, Texas, committed to the education and promotion of sustainable coffee farming.  Janet, a former educator, became a Master Roaster and now supplies the best (We Think) coffees available, buying beans only from eco-friendly farms.

Susan & Don Schaezler, Margie Bonnes, owners of Warbler Woods, near Schertz, Texas, have set their family owned land as a bird sanctuary. Warbler Woods is a wonderful chunk of nature snuggled amidst the hustle and bustle of San Antonio area metroplex. Warbler woods is open to visitors, with prior arrangements being made, and is very relaxing to wander through. Folks such as Susan, Don, and Margie are making efforts to maintain habitat for native and migratory species.