Country October Mornings


Good morning everybody!!  It’s a Splendiferous Saturday, here at The SnK.  Thank God, and Selena, for allowing me to wake up this morning.  I’m out on the back porch, enjoying my Tree Frog Coffees‘ coffee, and it is a BEAUTIFUL morning!  The air is crisp, with not much moisture, and just enough breeze, so that I know that Fall is in the Air.  🙂

Although it’s an October morning all around the world, I can’t imagine not enjoying these wonderful times anywhere else but here.  Having come from a small city, Denton, Texas, Selena and I both agree, we’ll never move back into town.  Why would we want to?

There’s nothing like sitting on the back porch, watching the hummers, listening to the hunters’ gun shots, watching the two horses swish flies off of each others’ faces, and simply enjoying being out in the “Sticks.”  Our closest neighbors are the animals that come to and from the yard.  Our closest human neighbors are about a 1/4 mile from the house.   Life is good.

October mornings in the country are especially pleasant, as we are not surrounded by heat soaked brick, asphalt and concrete.  There is no radiating warmth to spoil the morning, instead, a whisper of cool breeze wafts along the porch, tickling the back of my neck.  Yep, it’s out of the North.  I’m loving it.

Cool October mornings lead to warm October days.  It’s actually comfortable to be outside in the middle of the day, even on clear days, with unfiltered sun.  Oh, that’s not so in July and August, even September.  Those months are HOT, and afternoons are spent in the shade, or in the oasis of air conditioned air.

October mornings also mean that the grass has slowed growing, and mowing is winding down.   Even though, down here, we sometimes mow into November.  🙂  In long pants, though.  😀  It’s a rough life in the country.

Well, it’s time to finish my Tree Frog Coffees’ coffee, and get the day started.  In a little bit, though.  I’m in no hurry to rush through this Country October Morning.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK

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