Dried Up a Bit, the Nags Will be Going Home and The SnK to Have Visitors!

Howdy Everybody!

It’s finally dried up a bit, here at The SnK.  Selena and I were able to mow the “Yard,” and I was able to move some more brush.  We’ve got about 25 or so trees to finish taking down, then I need to get it all moved and burned.  We’re supposed to start spraying the fields in about 2 weeks.

Since we’re not going to have grass in the “Front 40” during the hunting season, the “Nags” will be going home.  I talked with my sister this past weekend, and she’ll be heading down to clear out her storage building, so the “Nags” can catch a ride back to Gainesville.

More importantly, our Daughter Tiffnie and Son in Law, Matt are coming down this weekend.  Sure looking forward to it.  It’s always fun when they come down, and they sure seem to enjoy running around the place.  Of course the weekend will go by way too fast, but we’ll sure enjoy making the memories.

Well, guess I probably ought to get moving and get some stuff done around here.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK



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