Drippy Day at The SnK

Good morning everybody!!
Yep, I’m awake! Thank the Lord, and Selena Schindler, for allowing me to wake up.

It’s so foggy, here at The SnK Wildlife Reserve, Cuero Texas, I can hardly see the fence at the North end of the yard. So much moisture is condensing on the roof, and dripping off, that it sounds like light rain. Oh, I wish.

Not many birds out, and hardly any hummers around. Selena says that there wasn’t many hummers yesterday evening. Guess most of them have moved on. There’s usually one, or two, that hang around through the winter.

Once again, we’re enjoying our Tree Frog Coffees‘ coffee.  Selena says that she’s going to quit drinking coffee, if Janet Goings ever quits roasting,

Not in a rush to do anything this morning, so I’m gonna continue sipping my Tree Frog.

Hope everybody has a Super Sunday!!


Keith, the K at The SnK

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