Great Folks at the SnK

SnK Caps

Our new Christmas caps.  Thanks Daniel!!!!

We’ve been blessed with a great hunting crew; three generations that have been hunting The SnK, since 1998.   How’d we get so lucky?  No telling, they came to The SnK through a lease broker, back before we moved down here.

We’ve been very fortunate in that they have been very conservation minded, and have become good friends.  We’ve seen the third generation grow from new born and Jr. High to grade school and young adults.

Last night we enjoyed a little Christmas get together, the crew invited us over for supper, and boy was it good.  Sausage, pork steaks, rice and beans. YUM!!!

We’ve exchanged gifts for years, and this year we were surprised with new caps.  Way cool!  Shame, though, two of the young ones couldn’t make it.  Hope we see them soon.

David Bamberger, owner of Bamberger Ranch, once wrote something on the lines of “Owning land ain’t worth nothing, if you don’t share it.”  Well, we sure enjoy sharing The SnK.

In fact, we’d like to share The SnK with more folks.  So, if you’re interested, give us a shout, and arrange a visit!

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK



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