Greening Out at The SnK, Eggs and Babies, Milkweed and Such, Killing Grass, Woodworking Fun

The weather’s been nice the past few weeks, although a bit warm at times. We’ve had enough rain and sun to bring stuff back after the burn. Thing is, if you’ve been following, you know that we plan to kill off as much of the front 35 acres as possible.

We’re going to try and reestablish native grasses and wildflowers, so we had a heavy dose of Roundup sprayed the other day. So, what was greening up is now yellowing.

That’s okay, stuff in the back is really coming out. We’ve been discovering more native Milkweed here and there. That’s a GOOD thing!

We’ve also got nests in boxes, with some eggs and some babies!  Way cool! We don’t seem to have as many nest boxes used as in the past, but it’s still nice to see that some are occupied.

We didn’t have any Purple Martins nest last year. We’re still hoping to have some this year and have had a few come check out the “Barn” but they aren’t hanging around. They just come check it out then disappear. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have some come and stay.

These past few months have been pretty wet. We got another 4/10″ rain last week. We’ve had enough that we still have standing water in the gullies. Not bad, but it’s made for getting the tractor stuck quite a bit while trying to get grant project work done.


Yep, I’ve buried the sucker several times, good too. Lucky to have the bucket and t-posts as they’re the only way to get Trac unstuck. I definitely was nervous every time I was out in the back shredding. I still have acres to finish. Maybe I’ll venture out this week. We lucked out and didn’t get the anticipated rain on April 2.

The wild flowers are really starting to come out. It’s so nice to see the colors when we’re out and about. I’ll have to get out with the camera and shoot some and share.

Well, it’s another beautiful day and we’ve been outside most of it. Selena’s been moving the plants out of the two greenhouses to the porches, and I’ve been in the “Wood Shop,” knocking out puzzle frames and knocking together some porch decoration for Selena. Saved an old door from a cousin’s burn pile, as well as two chairs from the dump. Add some used cedar fence pickets and here we go.

Selena plans to add a metal butterfly up in the middle. I’m thinking of adding a shelf at the very top. We’ll see. So far so good. Nice to reuse items that would normally end up burned or in the dump.

Well, time to get back outside.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK.

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