Happenings at The SnK: August 21, 2017

Howdy, Everybody!

Been a while, again, but we’ve been busy with a number of things, mostly projects at the SnK.

We’re in the middle of the annual deer count, and about to wrap up the front 35-acre restoration project.

I’ve been dragging a spray rig around trying to kill off as much vegitation as possible.

Things are starting to brown out.


I’ve actually enjoyed towing the spray rig around. It’s relaxing and gives me lots of time to think.

Trac and rented spray rig. Yep, I’ve spent some hours towing this thing around.


We’ve been spraying non-native grasses in the back section; primarily Buffle Grass.


Yours truly spraying Buffle Grass.


We’ve seen some awesome sites here at The SnK, but we saw the most unusual the other day. I’m not going to spoil it before you see the pics.



Yes! That is a fish lying alongside the trail.


One evening when we were out, we spooked a Heron off the pond. We saw him fly in this direction, so we think he had a fish but dropped it as he flew over.


Dragonfly “Pond” with plants that Selena got from our Son Joe’s pond in Denton TX.


Selena read about setting up troughs as Dragonfly “Ponds” so she got some plants from Son Joe’s pond in Denton, TX and set them out.


Dragonfly “Pond” in bloom


The plants handled the 330+ mile transplant without any problems and have been blooming since shortly after their arrival to the troughs.  Notice the tomato cage? Selena had to install that because the “Nags” decided to taste the taller plants and pulled them up. No problems since.


The second Dragonfly “Pond”


We know that the dragonflies are using the pond, as we’ve found Nymph shells on some of the blades.


Dragonfly Nymph shells


We’ve also seen dragonflies “Dipping” into the surface to grab a little water. Pretty cool to watch.

As mentioned earlier, we’re still clipping and spraying Mesquite and Huisache in the front 35 acres. We usually head out about 7:00 pm, hook “Pissy Fit” (The trailer bought when I was throwing a fit about U-Haul not renting me a motorcycle trailer with a tail light hook up when one of my motorcycles had a flat) to “Burrito” the Kawasaki Mule 4-Wheeler and trundle out to get our “workout.”


The “Brush Buster Rig”


We’ve hauled a number of loads, as you can tell by the pile behind our rig. Yep, it’s tough work, but we’ve got to keep ahead of it, and we have to get the last cut before seed is planted later this week.

As for sites that I mentioned earlier. We’re seeing a number of fawn and beautiful mature deer out and about.

One of the neatest sites was when Selena spotted a hawk sitting on the birdbath out back.


Hawk shot with Sony A55 and 300mm lens through the living room window.


Well, that’s pretty much it since the last post. We’re out and about in the mornings and evenings and hide from the heat during the rest of the day. Sure am looking forward to cooler weather and rain. We really need it as it’s VERY dry.

We’re lucky that it hasn’t rained for a while, as the grasses would tend to come back if it had. Once the seed is in the ground it can rain as much as Mother Nature wants to. Well, to a point. We don’t need too much at one time, that’s for sure.

Well, until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK

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