Happenings at The SnK: December 12, 2017

Howdy, everybody!

I hope this finds y’all well and ready for Christmas and New Year. We’re working on it.

Things have been happening around here. We’re moving up in the world when it comes to The SnK. Recently, we were asked to speak at a San Antonio Native Prairies Association of Texas meeting on December 5, sharing about the SnK’s history and what we’ve been doing around here.

We also hosted a “Field Day” on December 6, but the rain kept us inside. Selena and I shared the presentation from the night before and Biologist Glenn Merkord helped some of the visitors with grass identifications.


Paul Merideth (Master Naturalist), Glenn Merkord (Biologist) Dr. Steven Koenig, Kathy Koenig (Master Naturalist), and Selena Schindler (SnK Co-Owner and Master Naturalist) looking over some grasses that Steven and Kathy brought.

Both presentations provided for Advanced Training for the Attending Master Naturalists. We’re tickled in that we’re finally providing educational opportunities.

Despite the cold temps, rain, and having to stay inside, everybody enjoyed themselves and plans are in the works for future events.

We’re hoping that we’ll eventually have enough folkds interested in forming a Victoria, Texas area Native Prairies Association of Texas chapter.

We’ll see!


Since Selena and I plan to attend future events we had shirts and business cards made. We think both look pretty good.


We’ve also got T-Shirts in the works, . . .

. . . and we’re supposed to pick them up today. I’m excited to see them, as several SnK supporters will be receiving shirts as Christmas gifts.


Not really much else going on around here. The weather, and me feeling under the weather, has curtailed many activities. Speaking of weather, Friday we woke up to an unusual sight. SNOW!

We don’t get that often and it was beautiful, for shore. Didn’t last long, though. Only a few hours.


Back Porch Looking North West


Back Porch Looking North


Back Porch Looking South West at the Hot Tub House


Back Porch Looking West


Front Porch, Looking South and East


Front Porch, Looking North East at Green Houses, Potting Shed, and Garden


Front Porch, Looking East


Blue Bird Nest Box, from Back Porch


Garden Globe, Back Porch


Well, that’s it for now, other than we ordered a new tractor shed which will be put up in a few weeks.

Looking forward to getting our storage shed back in place and the tractor under cover.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK

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