Happenings at The SnK: November 17, 2017

Wow! Where has the time gone?

I just realized that I haven’t posted since September 21. Yep, that’s been too long.

So, what’s been happening at The SnK since then? Well, we’ve been busy with a number of things.

I finished the revision of The SnK’s logo and we’re picking up our new event shirts today. We’ve got t-shirt ideas in the works, too.

The most major event was the planting of the 35 acres with wildflower seeds, finishing up the Monarch Habitat Enhancement grant project. Paperwork has been processed and we’ll be looking for a check in the next few weeks.

Haven’t had much, if any, rain since the planting. That’s okay, we’re not expecting them to pop up right away. The wildflower seeds didn’t come mixed, so I hauled the bags out to the planting zone, with a trash can and kitchen scale.

I figured the percentage of each species for each 24 pound load, then measured and mixed them in the trash can. Worked out pretty good.

Luckily planting in this manner doesn’t have to be as precise as baking a cake. 🙂

Wildflower seeds waiting to go into the ground.

Andy Curtis, Curtis Wildlife and Agricultural Services, did both our plantings, and we HIGHLY recommend he and his company. Andy is a very personable and knowledgeable guy. Definitely a great resource to have on hand.


Andy Curtis getting wildflower seeds into the ground.

It took Andy less than two days, each planting, but the first time actually went quicker, as the acreage was cleared, with an angular outline.

The second 35 acres was no where near square, and peppered with trees and brush. Andy had to wind through all that mess.

The photo below shows the relative location of each parcel to one another, and the shapes.

Both plantings account for about 35 of the 408 acres and these will, most likely, be the only major plantings that we do.

Andy Curtis putting seeds in the ground in the front 35 acres.

Andy finished planting the front acreage the day before Hurricane Harvey rode in on top of the area. We got almost 7 inches in 3 days. Luckily the rain was slow enough that it soaked the ground nicely. we’re amazed at what’s come up already.

Of course, there’s nothing new to see in the Monarch Enhancement acreage, as they wild flower seeds won’t start coming up until next Spring. We’ve been told that it will be about 3 years before we see the full affects of the plantings. Bummer.

The SnK is starting to welcome more visitors. Just last week, Pat and Glenn Merkord of Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT), and Jason Singhurst, head Botonist for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department came out. Jason identified quite a few grass species that we didn’t know about. He was amazed at how well the front acreage is coming up.

Jason Singhurst (Kneeling) points out a sprout as Selena Schindler, Glenn Merkord, and Pat Merkord look on. Jason was like a kid in a candy store.

We also had another Victoria are NPAT chapter forming meeting and had about 8 folks show up. Right now there’s not a bunch of interest in starting a chapter, instead the folks want to do informal get togethers and see what happens.

We’ve scheduled a “Field Day” here on December 6th. Jason and the Merkors are planning to come out and share their knowledge with our visitors. We’re not sure how many folks we’ll have but it’s going to be interesting.

Yesterday we got home from the America’s Grassland Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas. Over all the event was pretty good, but not as good as NPAT conferences. This one seemed to be dominated by agency, education, and organization folks. Land owners were definitley a minority.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening featured awesome social events, with Tuesday evening at the Botanical Reseach Institute of Texas. VERY NICE facility. Selena and I want to go back some time and wander around. Wednesday evening we went to the Fort Worth Nature Center for BBQ. Once again it was a nice get together. We had a blast visiting with a number of folks.

Although we enjoyed the conference we feel that it was over priced for what we got out of it. Not sure if we’ll attend another one. We’ll see.

No major projects in the works right now, although we do have trails to cut back. There’s a lot of stuff that’s encroaching on our paths. We do have some supplemental water project ideas.

Well, that’s it for now.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK.


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