Hot Happenings At The SnK

Summer in South Central Texas is hot. No, not just hot, it’s hot and humid and HOT and DRY.  After all the rain we’ve had we’re now in those dog days of hot dry windy summer.  We haven’t had rain in about a month, and that wasn’t much.  Mornings and evenings are the time to be out doing things and we’ve been trying.

Unfortunately, Selena’s Dad took a turn for the worse.  He’s been battling Alzheimers and was admitted to the hospital, about 3 weeks ago, with Pneumonia.  After recovering he went home instead of rehab.  Not good.  He went back to the hospital and is now in a facility.  Turns out he’s become more than Selena’s Mom can take care of.  With that, Selena and I have been up in Denton for a while.  Me a few days, Selena a week and a half.

Along with that, I tore up the hydraulics on the tractor so my brush moving has come to a halt.  I have ordered new cylinders and hope to get them on in the next week, or so.

We’ve been in contact with the C0-Op in regards to spraying the front field in prep for converting back to native grasses and forbs.  You remember all the rain we had earlier, the blessing in keeping the ponds filled and such?  Well, it’s caused everything to grow so well that the front field his almost chest high in some areas.  Not good for spraying.  🙁

With that, talks have been initiated in doing a burn after the first spray.  We’re waiting to hear back on that, and for a final word on the spraying.

Some good news, though, we’ve been approved for a Monarch Enhancement/Restoration program.  Just got the formal email earlier today, outlining a bunch of stuff.  Yeppers, that’s for Selena to pour over.  I know how to delegate, don’t I?

Funny thing about the weather, we’ve had considerably fewer birds, with very few clutches laid in the nest boxes.  We’ve also not had Purple Martins set up home this year.  Very disappointing, but we’ve heard from others that this has been an unusual year.

Oh well. We do have other “Residents” here at The SnK.  We’ve started seeing some fawns and even spotted a goat in the back yard.  A GOAT!  We don’t have goats nearby!  Saw it for only a few minutes before it wandered off into the brush.  Most unusual sighting we’ve had here.

Wish there was more excitement to share, but that’s really it.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK

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