Interesting Sight and News at The SnK

So-o-o-o-o.  I’m working on the Texas Bluebird Society’s monthly minutes when I hear Selena proclaim, “A Goat!  There’s a goat in our backyard!”  I rush out on the porch, right behind her, to see a young goat wandering in the long grass along our back fence.  I just missed it go under the fence and had to look hard to see it’s head above the grass.  It wandered into the brush and we haven’t seen it yet.  We don’t have any livestock and have no idea who has goats nearby.  Anyway, we’re gonna keep our eyes open for it.

Now.  That was the interesting sight.  Here’s the interesting news.

The SnK has been approved for a grant for Enhancing and Restoring Monarch Habitat in Texas!!   Yeppers, and we’re proud!  We’re deep into the Grassland Restoration Grant work, having hand cleared Mesquite and Huisache for the front 36 acres.  We have some folks coming out in the morning to talk about spraying to kill off the Coastal Bermuda and King Ranch Blue Stem.

So, now we wait to have the Monarch Grant rep get in touch with us to come develop the plan.  Good things are happening here at The SnK, that’s for shore!  Just wish we’d get some more rain.  Maybe later.  We’ll see.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK

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