Little Bit of Wet Stuff

Weather folks have predicted rain, off and on, for some time, but we haven’t lucked into any.  Today’s a bit different as we awakened to wet stuff coming down.  Nothing hard, nothing measurable, but the ground is wet, and I can hear water dripping off of the roof.

Temps are nice, and the birds are happily singing; I can hear everything through the open back door, and the sounds are wonderful.  A bit earlier, after I’d pulled back the bedroom curtains, movement caught my eye, out in the North field.  A closer look revealed 9 doe browsing in the short grass, their fur dark and damp, glistening from the moisture.

I called for Selena, and she came and helped count.  What a beautiful sight, just yards from our back porch.  The past few years we’ve had doe, with babies, hanging around the house.  With that, we removed one of the horse troughs and replaced it with a wash tub.  The wash tub is lower, making it much easier for doe and fawn to drink.

With rain like this, I’m happy that we got the Guzzler up and running.   We went out to check it the other day and it has about 75 gallons in it.  It has a 305-gallon tank, so it’s got a ways to go, but it’s neat to know that we’ve harvested 75 gallons with what little rain we’ve had.  Selena discovered that the original design allowed water to run past the gutter, on the down-hill side.  I made a couple of deflectors, and we tested with jugs of water.  Seems to push all the water into the gutter now.

With the light rain we’re having today we should catch more now.  We’re going to put at least one more guzzler up and have material for the frame and roof panel.  Not sure we’re it’s going to go.  That will come later as we’re heavy in clearing the “Front 40” of brush, for our Grassland Restoration plan.  We’ve been approved for a grant, so we’ve gotta get that done this Spring.

Speaking of brush looks like we won’t be clearing any this morning.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some done this afternoon.  Even if we don’t I’m grateful for the Little Bit of Wet Stuff that we’re getting this morning.  I think the wildlife is too.  🙂

Keith, the K in The SnK

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