Loving Our Neighbors!!

Over the past few weeks we’ve spotted Grey Fox in the backyard, munching sunflower seed that have dropped from the bird feeders.  Today I was able to get a pic of one.  I had to shoot through the back screen door, as she became nervous when I opened the main door.

Grey Fox

We’ve been seeing doe around the house for some time.  In the past, they’ve hung near the house when they’ve had babies.  I believe because there’s easy to access water up here, as well as shade.  Yesterday we spotted a doe outside the back fence and a little bit.

When the fox was munching in the back yard a doe was behind the fence.  After the fox was through, it made it through the fence when the doe charged it, running it back into the back yard.  It headed on around the house and we lost sight of it.

A bit later I spotted the doe in the back yard munching on one of the trees.  She started to move into the taller grass when I grabbed my camera again. This time, I shot through the bedroom sliding door.  She had her head down in the grass, so I tapped on the door to get her to “Pose” for me.

Whitetail Doe

It’s really something to look out the doors or windows and seeing such beauty.  We are SO lucky to be able to live amongst such beautiful neighbours.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK

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