Practices at The SnK

Supplemental Water

Drip Fed Ground Basin

Some years back, Selena and I had a well and windmill put in, to feed two troughs and to overflow into the pond.  This was back when we leased for cattle.  Now that they’re gone, the water is for the two “Nags,” and the wildlife.  To provide for the “Ground Bound,” and birds, we put in a small in-ground concrete basin.  It’s fed from the cistern, by a “drip” system.  We’ve walked up, spotting birds at it, and have found Turkey prints around it, too.  🙂   Click HERE to check out the SnK’s supplemental water practices.


Supplemental Shelter

BB Box
Bluebird Nest Box

As habitat for many species is in decline, Selena and I are looking at what we can do to help.  With that, we’ve put up a Bat House, and assorted housing for birds.  Click HERE to see some of the supplemental shelters we’ve put up.






Supplemental Food

After Selena’s Dad quit hunting, we converted one of his spin-cast deer feeders to throw bird seed.  It draws birds, squirrels, Turkey, and we’re not sure what all.  Our hunting crew also puts in food plots, but the South Central Texas weather doesn’t always help them prosper.  The hunters also maintain Protein feeders, as well as corn during the hunting season.

Grazing Management – Although we don’t have cattle at The SnK, we do have a couple of foster horses, that do some grazing management.  We had 19 at one time and they did a good job of keeping stuff cut down.  I think we’re going to have to look at bringing more “Teeth” in, or set up some controlled burning, and/or shredding.

Slash Shredding – We cut paths in areas around the place, this allows the Forbes to come up, and provides short grass areas for the Quail and other birds.  The deer can be found in these areas, pretty often, too.

Grassland Restoration

One of the First Piles

The “Front 40” of The SnK has been a hay field, with Coastal Bermuda and KR Bluestem the bulk of the grasses.  Selena and I applied for a Grassland Restoration Incentive Program grant and have been approved.  With that, we are currently cutting and spraying Mesquite and Huisache.  Once that is complete, and we’re into the growing season, we’ll spray to kill everything.  Come Spring of 2017 we’ll plant native grass and forb seeds with the hopes that we’ll have good enough rain for them to take off. Keep tabs on our Bustin’ Brush posts!