Missed Him Again!!

It happened again, yesterday.   Selena’s in the living room, looking out the back door, that’s almost always open, and spots something moving across the back yard.   She quietly shouts for me to come look, but I’m in the bedroom, and don’t hear her.

When I come into the living room, she says, “You missed him.”  I ask what, to which she replies, “A Bobcat, just walking through the back yard.  I spotted him as he went behind the tub house, then saw him go past the burn ring, and under the fence.”

Man!!!  She’s seen Bobcat in the back yard three times, and I’ve missed each one.  Actually saw one get a squirrel, under the feeders, out back.  She’s even seen one walking atop the landscape stones around the back bed.  That must have been something to see.

I’ve actually seen them a couple of times out and about the place, but never in the back yard.  Many folks around here see them as menaces and kill them.  We don’t.  We see them as treasures of the land, and count ourselves lucky to get to observe them.

Think I’m gonna have to set a “game” camera up in the back yard.  Maybe I can get a pic.

Well, until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K in The SnK

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