Our New Neighbor, A Cattle Guy


Eventual Cattle Land


So. Sixty-six acres, adjoining our place, came up for sale. It was purchased by a Cattle Guy.

How do I know? I got a call, out of the blue, from him one morning.  He wanted me to help pay to put up a new fence between our places. He wants a new fence as he’s going to run cattle.

Fences are a good thing, if you want to keep things in, or keep things out.  Thing is, we don’t have either need.  Oh, we do have a couple of Nags on the place, but they’re content enough with our grass that they’re not going through an old fence.

The guy seemed totally shocked when I told him that we manage for wildlife and don’t need a fence.  “But you have horses on your place.”  Took a bit to convince him that they are not interested in his grass, of which he has very little.

Bulldozing began a few weeks ago, as his place was so choked with understory.  It does look like he has a small original open area, back a ways from the road, but the rest was overgrown.  I can only imagine what he’s paying for new fencing and all that bulldozing.

Cattle Guys.  I’ll never understand them.  Seems like a ton of cost and work to raise animals that don’t seem to bring in much money. He’s doing all this clearing, resulting in bare dirt.  I wonder how much it’s going to cost, and how long it’s going to take for him to get grass enough to move cattle on.

Cattle Guy still has two fences to go.  The one between our places, and the one along the road.  He called again Saturday, telling me that he needed to clear the fence line between our places, so he could run his new fence.  I told him that we didn’t want a bulldozer run down the old line, tearing everything up.  Also, the old fence appears to be on our property, now that we have seen his survey stakes and that he should be able to put up a new fence without dozing the line.

I think I left Cattle Guy scratching his head, as I said I didn’t want any trees taken down on our property, and that he should have a pretty straight shot to run the new fence.  He comes on strong at the beginning of the conversations, but after I don’t back down he’s hemming and hawing, about needing to put up his fence.  “Sir, you can bulldoze anything on your place, but not on mine. We don’t need the new fence.”  I think that’s pretty clear.

Cattleman’s burning all that’s been dozed and has about 10 or 15 burn piles going.  Unfortunately, the winds are from the South and it’s blowing our way.  Also blowing our way is the annoying beeping of the dozer’s back up alarm.  We will be So glad when the job is done.

This used to be a quiet and peaceful area.  Not so much now.

All this time, effort, and money, on 66 acres, for cattle.  Yep, I don’t understand the Cattle Guy.



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