Out for the Count, After Dark


Here in DeWitt County, as members of the Central DeWitt County Wildlife Management Association, we have to do census counts as a requirement to get Doe tags for our hunters.  Unlike many in the association, we would do this for our Wildlife Management Certification Plan, even if we didn’t have hunters.

Census counts are one element of our plan. So, we do them every year. Tonight will be our first (for the year) spotlight count and I must say that I’m kind of excited. It’s always a treat to get out after sunset, as the temps are much more tolerable, we usually see deer, and we get the opportunity to shut off the 4-wheeler, douse the lights and marvel at the expanse of stars above our heads.

Just two nights ago, Selena came in from the back door after bringing in a breakable feeder.  She exclaimed to me, “You’ve gotta see the stars!’  I jumped up and followed her back out the door.

BOY! Was she right! I did need to see those stars. We’re lucky, in that we’re far enough removed from the city light pollution that we see a Gazillion of them. It’s so dark out here that we can even see bits of the Milky Way.

Not everybody can claim that. I’ve read that some city folks have never seen it because of the light pollution. I read to my amusement, a while back, that there was a major power outage in New York, allowing folks to actually see the Milky Way. Click HERE to read about it.  It’s a shame that so many folks have never enjoyed such the sights that we get to enjoy here at The SnK. We are lucky, very lucky.

So, I’m sitting here, anticipating the fun later, and the sights that I hope to see. Yep, I’ll be “Out For the Count” later, and I don’t expect to be disappointed.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK

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