Rain Rain Go Away, but Come Back When We Need You

The Windmill Pond.  Although the overflow from the windmill adds to it, it’s never this full without heavy rains.


We’ve gotten 2 inches of rain this morning.  Yep, two inches.  It’s mostly been a steady rain, but it came down hard here and there.

At one time, I was worried about it coming up on the front porch and under the front wall.  We’ve had that happen a few times.

Luckily, not today.  Right now we’re in a lull.  No rain, just cool North winds.  May 19th, and it’s not even hit 80 today.  Yeah, we’ve been enjoying the temps and, for the most part, the rain.

This pond, closest to the house, was dead for years.  We removed a bunch of silt from it and the feed gully.  This has allowed water to run in from the “Front 40,” resulting in it holding water for over a year now.

The rain’s slowing down our brush clearing.  We’ve got a small section in the gully that needs to be finished, but we haven’t been able to do so in a while.  I’m not going to worry too much.  I’ll bet that the spraying schedule will be pushed back, so I’m sure we’ll get it done.

Water flowing in one of the gullies.  Love the sound, for shore!

Good thing about the rain we’ve been getting, it’s keeping the ponds full, plus we have water in other areas of the place.  Can’t forget it’s adding to the Wildlife Guzzler, too!  Oh, and can’t forget the wildflowers.  We’ve been blessed with a bunch this Spring.

Brown Eyed Susans.  Selena shot this photo.  She’s enjoying the Sony A55, and doing a good job, too!

Although we’ve been enjoying the nice temps, the wet is getting old, so . . .

For now, though, rain rain go away.  Come again when we need you.

Anybody else been getting more rain than needed?


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