Some Sunday Sightings

Today was shredding day, so I hopped on the tractor and went out to mow some trails, but before I went, Selena called me from the hangar.  I wandered over to the house, where Selena pointed out a large moth, resting on some of the landscape stuff.  We were impressed, so I went inside and grabbed the camera.


I was able to shoot a couple of shots and pulled the best one.  From our online research, we believe that it’s a Eupackardia calleta, but we’re not sure if it’s male, or female.  Sure is pretty though.

After storing the camera, I headed out to shred.  While trundling along the middle fence line, I noticed some movement in the trail, ahead.  I looked closer and realized that it was a covey of Bob White Quail, about 10.  They didn’t panic, despite the noise, so I slowed to a stop and turned the tractor off.

I enjoyed several minutes, watching them putz around the trail; after which, I fired the tractor back up, and lumbered onward.  The Bob White flew into some nearby trees, as they got a little nervous as I got closer.

Once done with shredding, I wandered over to the house, were Selena directed my attention to some frogs, “chilling” in the Bluebird shaped bird house.  I grabbed the camera again, and fired off some shots.

Cope’s Grey Treefrog, Hyla chrysosceles, Cope 1880, Texas Amphibians: A Field Guide, pg. 184

See more info at: (Cope’s Grey Treefrog), Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology.

Green Treefrog, Hyla cenerea, Schneider 1799, Texas Amphibians: A Field Guide, pg. 188

See more info at: (Green Treefrog), Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology.

There were about 7 of the Grey Treefrogs crammed into the lowest cavity of the birdhouse.  They were packed.  The Green Treefrog was sitting on the top edge of the door, and when I pulled it down he moved into a better viewing angle, instead of hopping away.

Just a few of the “Littles” that we have here, at The SnK.  We’ve learned that Wildlife is not just, deer, bobcat, fox, and such, but also the cute little guys, or”winged ones.”

Any way, we really enjoy all the critters, big and small.  Looking forward to what we’re going to see in the future.  🙂

Best to everybody!


Keith, the K in The SnK

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