SPOOKED! Scared Up Quail, Twice!!!

This evening, after supper, Selena and I went for a walk down to the pond, with the expectation of watching birds come to the feeder, when it threw at 6:00.  Although we weren’t treated to birds at the feeder, we did spook 12 Bobwhite Quail on the walk down to the pond.  Gotta admit, we were a bit spooked, too.  🙂

After watching the feeder for a bit, we headed back, and to our surprise, we spooked Bobwhite again!  This time about 8.  Wow!!   What a treat!   We’re really tickled that we’re seeing the numbers of quail increasing, here at The SnK.

Guess we’re doing something right.  🙂


Keith, the K in The SnK

Sept. 29, 2015

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