Supplemental Shelter at The SnK

We’ve installed assorted types of supplemental shelters, here at The SnK; mostly for birds, but we do have one Bat House up.  At this time we have 14 Bluebird Boxes up, 1 Bat House, 1 Purple Martin pole, and several assorted bird houses.

PM Pole Too

The pole, with Sparrow “Plugs,” waiting (Hopefully) for 2015 Purple Martins.  Sparrow plugs are used to discourage the “Little Heathens” from nesting in the gourds, before the PMs arrive.  We had problems with Sparrows taking over the gourds, in 2014, so after Selena found out about these, we put them in place.  Seemed to work!

PM Pole

Mr. and Mrs. PM (Purple Martin) fledged 5 babies in 2015.

BB Box

One of the (Currentl) 14 Bluebird boxes at The SnK, with the Kingston Predator Guard.   These Bluebird boxes are available from the Texas Bluebird Society, and The SnK, as we are distributors for TBS.  For those that like to build things, Bluebird Box plans are available HERE.  Info about the boxes, heat shields, and predator guards are available HERE.

Stay tuned for more information!