Harvey and The SnK

Howdy, Everybody!

Wow, where to start?

Much has gone on since my last post. Mostly good, but with two very not-good events. The first was Harvey’s visit, the second was the passing of Selena’s Mom. We’re trying to put the pieces back together from both events.

You’ve probably heard about Hurricane Harvey. The SnK was in its path, but luckily Harvey didn’t ride right over us. We got some of the peripherial winds and rain. Oh, and ther was wind, and there was rain.

The main damage we sustained was the tractor/carport blowing over.

Check out the rain blowing across the top of the tracport! Yep, she was starting to go.

Luckily, despite the winds, the trackport rolled over on it’s back, without being blown apart or into anything. Nope, it wasn’t set in concrete, just staked down. I’ll tie it into the ground with concrete when I get it set back up.

When the winds shifted, they came under the open side and rolled it over.

As you can see in the pics, there was very little damage, which is primarily in the roof of the shed end. That’s okay, I’ve hated the tan roof that doesn’t match the roofs of the other buildings. It will be matching green when I get things squared away.

Surpisingly, the stuff that was inside the shed didn’t get blown all over the place.


Yep, there was a lot of stuff in that shed, too much.

At this time, I’m taking the tracport apart, just enough to flip it. Once that’s done, and I’ve finished cleaning up it’s spot, I’ll lift it and set it on some industrial casters and roll it back into place. Well, that’s the plan.

We can only imagine how hurricanes affect wildlife, but we did get to see how some swallow’s handled it for a while. I happend to look out our bedroom window to see a bunch of birds flitting around the North end of the house. This end was shielded from the winds, and we believe that they found a place to rest for a while.

I was amazed at the number that were landing on the trim above the window and in the bushes.

Sparrow Line
Look at all those Swallow butts!

Those little guys sure looked tired. Amongst all that was going on, the site amazing to see.

These little guys didn’t seem to mind me standing at the window. They just wanted to rest.


This is just a small number that were sitting in the bushes. I didn’t think to zoom back to catch a larger view. My bad.

The West side of the house was also shielded from the initial winds and I spotted a couple of Swallows resting on one of the fans. It was funny watching them go ’round and ’round while preening themselves. No, the fan wasn’t on, just the little bit of wind.

Two swallows found refuge on one of the back porch ceiling fans.

During the lull of the “Eye,” the swallows took off. We hope that they all made it somewhere safely.

Luckily, the tracport was the only building damaged, other than some rain coming in through the North attic vent, soaking the insulation and ceiling in the master bedroom. We’re fortunate in that it didn’t wet the sheetrock enough to ruin it, just stain it.

Around the house the trees and bushes took a beating. We had to take on Desert Willow completely out, as it had been blown over and we couldn’t get it set back up. Several bushes had to come out too.

Of course, there are trees down all around the place.

One of the many trees that were blown over. Positive note, we and the hunters will have firewood for a LONG time.

Through the time that Harvey’s winds blew, I constantly worried about the two windmills, expecting to see them blown over. I was expecting the old greenhouse to go down, as it’s “Twin” went down years ago, in winds lighter than Harvey’s.

Amazing that this rickity old thing didn’t go down. Would’ve hated that, as it’s been a landmark as long as I can remember.


The new windmill shows no sign of damage, either.

I was AMAZED when we made it down to the pond area to check on the windmills. Neither one showed any signs of Harvey’s visit.

Compared to many, we came out very well, and we got to view wildlife taking care of themselves. We have a bit to clean up and fix, and won’t be out thousands of dollars.

Selena and I both think that Mother Nature was easy on us, because of our support for the land and her living things.

Well, it’s about time for our walk and then back to working on the trackport.

Until next time, Peace!

Keith, the K at The SnK.