Wacky Texas Weather

Howdy Everybody!

Hope you y’all had a very Merry Christmas, or a Happy Holiday of your choice.  Wow, has the weather been funny this month, here in Texas.  It was 82 on Christmas day.

I wen’t motorcycle riding in a sleeveless shirt.  Later, Selena and I went walking, in shorts and sleeveless shirts.  It was humid and sticky.  Yesterday the winds came.  Warm, sticky South winds.

We were lucky, that’s all we got yesterday.  Others weren’t so lucky.  Areas near DFW got hammered with rain, and tornadoes. Eleven folks killed, many injured, and many homes damage, or destroyed altogether.   🙁 Prayers for all.

Today started out the same; windy, warm, and humid.  Within hours, that changed.  The winds came howling from the North and we got some rain.  Seems more like Winter, now.

The hunters haven’t had a great season.  So warm, the deer just aren’t out at the right times.  That, and the bucks have torn their horns up, rutting I guess.  Lots of fog have limited the hunting hours, too.  One week left, maybe they’ll be able to take some Doe.  We got 4 tags this year.

Well, I’m gonna try and post this.  The satellite connection hasn’t been great this evening; clouds and all.

Until next time, Peace.


Keith, the K in The SnK



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